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Feeling comfortable on kotatsu-bune in a silver world


kotatsu-bun (equipped with a Japanese-style fireplace with a coverlet)

December - February

Feeling comfortable on a kotatsu-bun (equipped with a Japanese-style fireplace with a coverlet) in a silver world

Ohori biraki

Ohori biraki

March 1st

Ohori biraki speaks eloquently of the incoming of spring in Yanagawa. This is a traditional event handed down from the period of feudal lords. During the event all the moats are temporarily dammed up to be cleaned and disinfected by sunning, and then the dams are taken away so that water comes into the moats again.

Birthday Celebration of Hakushu

Birthday Celebration of Hakushu

Jan 25th

At this celebration held on January 25 (his birthday), a group of people carrying his photo and a sake barrel on a dray parade through the city, accompanied by the drum and fife band of his alma mater Yadomi Elementary School. They start from his parents’ home, finally getting to the Hakushu Poem Memorial Garden, the destination of the parade, where Hakushu’s birthday celebration is held under the sponsorship of the Hakushu-kai Group.

Season's Events

Kotatsu-bune December - February
長谷健豆腐忌 Early December
Birthday Celebration of Hakushu January 25th
田中吉政公顕彰祭 Mid February
Ohori biraki March 1st
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