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Yanagawa, the City of Water

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柳川商工会議所 御花 松濤園 柳川市役所
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Ruins of the Yanagawa Castle

In the Eiroku Period (1558-1570) the castle was completed and boasted of as "the castle of water" to the whole country, lasting for more than three hundred years. The donjon, however, was reduced to a charred and smoldering waste. Now there are buildings of Yanagawa Senior High School and Ryujo Junior High School where the donjon once stood.


Shinshohji Temple

Shinshohji Temple of the Shinshu-higashi sect was built in 1600 (Keicho 5) for the grave of Tanaka Yoshimasa who lived in the Yanagawa Castle. It is said that the temple's main building itself is his grave.


Ando Seian's grave

In 1622 (Genwa 8) Ando Seian, a Confucian scholar as well as a pioneer of studies in the domain, apprenticed himself to Shu Shunsui, and observed the developments of world affairs with keen interest. His grave, which is in the precincts of Johkeiji Temple, is designated as cultural property of the prefecture.


Shohto Park (Ohana)

Ohana's garden, Shohto Park, which was made in 1697 (Genroku 10) as a place of relaxation for the lord of the Yanagawa domain, is now designated as a place of scenic beauty of the nation. This garden was designed after the model of Matsushima Island, one of the three most famous scenic places in Japan. In winter, wild ducks come flying in flocks, making the garden even more beautiful.


Mr. Toshima's Residence and Garden

The residence was constructed in the Kansei Period (1789〜1801) to be used as a tea-ceremony house. The residence is now designated as cultural property of the prefecture. The beautiful landscape garden is designated as a place of scenic beauty of the nation.


Mihashira Shrine

This shrine was erected by skillful artisans in 1826 (Bunsei 9) to the spirits of Tachibana Muneshige (the founder of the domain), his wife and Bekki Dohsetsu (his father-in-law). The shrine's gate was designed in imitation of the Yohmeimon Gate of Nikko Tohshohgu Shrine, and its corridors in imitation of those in Itsukushima Island in Aki. Its precincts are known as Takahatake Park, the most picturesque spot in the Chikuho district.