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Yanagawa, the City of Water

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柳川商工会議所 御花 松濤園 柳川市役所
Yanagawa City Tourist Association
35 Okinohata-machi, Yanagawa City, Fukuoka
(Tourist Information Center)
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Kitahara Hakushu

Kitahara Hakushu who was born to an old family running a seafood wholesale store, a purveyor to the Yanagawa domain for generations,lived in the Periods of Meiji, Taisho and Showa, leaving his great footmarks on Japan's modern literature as a poet.→Detail

Hometown of Literature

To the hometown of literature where you can tread the path of words, pondering over the past.

The Karatachi Bunjin (Writers) Footbath

The Karatachi Bunjin (Writers) Footbath, a new hub for tourists who want to walk along the streets of Yanagawa, will be opened on February 28. In the footbath area you will find pictures and episodes of such writers as Kitahara Hakushu, Dan Kazuo and Hase Ken. →Detail

Former Residence of the Toshima Family

Samurai (a warrior) Residence in Yanagawa, the Castle Town
Designated as Tangible Cultural Asset of Fukuoka Prefecture→Detail


Nami-kura Warehouse

The nami-kura warehouse, which was built in the later Meiji Period, is where the boat-ride course down the waterway diverges leading to the other moat ― from the inner one to the outer one and vice versa. The composition of water created on the surface of the waterway by the red bricks of the warehouse is one of Yanagawa’s popular landscapes.


Tono-no-kura Warehouse

The tono-no-kura warehouse, located near the end of the boat-ride course, is made of namako-kabe (walls covered with square tiles edged with plaster raised in a semicylindrical shape), and surrounds the west side of the lord’s mansion “ohana”. When exposed to sunshine from the west and reflected in the limpid stream, the warehouse calls up in your mind even more poetical associations.


Ohana Shohtoen

Akitora, the fourth lord of the clan, built this residence (Shukei-tei) in 1697 as a place of relaxation on this land covering an area of approx. 23,000 square meters, all sides of which are surrounded by moats. As the name of this district was “Hanabatake (Flower Garden)”, this residence has been called “Ohana (Flower)” by people of Yanagawa.


Promenade / Hakushu Road

This path, which was used by the great poet Kitahara Hakushu to go to junior high school, commands a fine view of the waterway filled with poetical sentiment. The path, now connected to the Hakushu Road, has been made a well-tendered promenade along the boat-ride course, and was designated as one of the one hundred scenic roads of Japan in 1986. Willows, Japanese irises, azaleas, etc. along the path will enable you to enjoy the scenery of the four seasons.