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Former Residence of the Toshima Family

  Constructed as a retreat for a retainer at Ondo-machi in the west end of the Shirouchi district, the sukiya-style (tea-ceremony-house-style) building with not only a thatched roof but also a national garden of scenic beauty with a pond, whose water comes from the moat, creates such an elegant atmosphere. Inside the building, here and there, are the designs that were popular among poets and writers of the late Edo Period.

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The residence of the former Toshima family was constructed in the Kansei Period (1789-1800), according to the folk story of the family and the research carried out by Fukuoka Prefecture in 1931 (Showa 6). However, judging from the monuments and other structures in the garden and also from the research on old documents left behind, the residence may have been constructed as early as 1828 (Bunsei 11). Yoshida Kanetoshi, who held an important post, churo, in the Yanagawa domain, made a two-story house with a reed-thatched roof and a garden as a retreat after his retirement It is said that the residence was later presented to the Tachibana family, the lord of the domain. Around the Meiji Restoration, in compensation for another piece of land requisitioned for a military training facility, the residence was gifted to Mr. Yufu. And it seems that in around 1882 (Meiji 15) Mr. Toshima obtained it when Mr. Yufu moved to another place. After that, it was mostly used as a house to live in. However, as was often the case with other samurai residences in the Yanagawa district, both the house and its garden were designated as important cultural property of Fukuoka Prefecture in 1957 (Showa 32), and then in 1978 (Showa 53) the garden was appointed as a national scenic garden. In 2001 (Heisei 13), the building was donated to Yanagawa City. After three years (2001 to 2003) of repair, it was made open to the public in April, 2004 (Heisei 16).


■ Open: 9 a.m. ー 5 p.m. (no admittance after 4:30 p.m.)
■ Holidays: Every Tuesday (the following day when the Tuesday is a
         national holiday) / The year end (Dec. 29 - Jan. 3)
■ Admission fee: 100 yen for elementary school students and over
■ Remarks: Free of charge if you have an admission ticket for the Kitahara
        Hakushu's Parents' Home (Show it at the entrance.)
        You can make use of this place for cultural activities.
        Please inquire about the particulars."