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Yanagawa, the City of Water

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柳川商工会議所 御花 松濤園 柳川市役所
Yanagawa City Tourist Association
35 Okinohata-machi, Yanagawa City, Fukuoka
(Tourist Information Center)
TEL (0944)74-0891
FAX (0944)72-9013



The Karatachi Bunjin (Writers) Footbath

  The Karatachi Bunjin (Writers) Footbath, a new hub for tourists who want to walk along the streets of Yanagawa, will be opened on February 28. In the footbath area you will find pictures and episodes of such writers as Kitahara Hakushu, Dan Kazuo and Hase Ken. Also displayed are the panels showing the districts and writings connected with Yanagawa. If you ponder over the hearts of the writers, taking a footbath, you will have a time that will enable you to soothe your mind.


To the southeast of Ohana, one of the most popular tourist spots in Yanagawa

The next door on the east side of Kampo-no-yado Yanagawa
( 9 Yashiro-machi, Yanagawa City, Fukuoka )


(1) A footbath that can hold approx. fifty people at once
(2) Panels introducing writers connected with Yanagawa are always shown.
   (Kitahara Hakushu, Dan Kazuo, Hase Ken, etc.)
(3) A rest space
(4) A public lavatory (incl. a multipurpose lavatory)
(5) A parking lot for 16 cars (incl. 2 for the physically challenged)


40 min. by car from Kyushu Expressway Yame I.C.
45 min. from Nishitetsu Fukuoka (Tenjin) Sta. [ Nishitetsu Tenjin-Ohmuta Line ]
10 min. by taxi from Nishitetsu Yanagawa Sta.
45 min. from Nishitetsu Fukuoka (Tenjin) Sta. [ Nishitetsu Tenjin-Ohmuta Line ]
15 min. by Horikawa bus from Nishitetsu Yanagawa Sta.
  [ Get off at Hoyo Center Mae bus stop. ]


Yanagawa Kanko Section
TEL 0944-73-8111 (key number)