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Yanagawa, the City of Water

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柳川商工会議所 御花 松濤園 柳川市役所
Yanagawa City Tourist Association
35 Okinohata-machi, Yanagawa City, Fukuoka
(Tourist Information Center)
TEL (0944)74-0891
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Yanagawa has excellent confectionery of many different types such as the cakes with classical elegance that have been provided for the Imperial family since early times, and those filled with poetical sentiment reminiscent of the great poet Hakushu’s romance.

Marine Products and Laver

Besides being rich in rare fishes and shellfishes, the Sea of Ariake is known as Japan’s leading laver producing area. These specialties from the sea are processed to make “scallop pickled in sake lees”, “canned mudskipper”, “sun-dried laminar laver”, “toasted laver”, “seasoned laver”, etc.

Articles of Folk Art and Hana-goza (a Fancy Mat Made of Rush)

Displaying Yanagawa-mari (handballs sewn with bright-colored thread) on such occasions as the New Year and the Dolls’ Festival is one of the old practices, through which people wish a little girl to grow up into a kind hardworking beauty. Yanagawa’s well-known specialties are such rush products as tatami mat coverings, kakegawa mats, hana-goza mats, etc.

Sake, Yanagawa Kamaboko (boiled fish paste) and Chikuwa (boilded fish paste in the shape of a piece of bamboo), and Yanagawa Miso (fermented soybean paste)

Yanagawa kamaboko and chikuwa, having won Agriculture and Forestry Ministry Prizes many times, have become typical gifts and souvenirs of Yanagawa both in quality and taste. Sake, another pride of Yanagawa’s, is a superb rarity not merely in quality but in aroma as well, for it is brewed with affluent water from limpid streams. Yanagawa miso is known for its traditional flavor that is created by abundant rice and water in the Chikugo plains.